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Welcome to Suhana Eats!

In this section, we have gathered for you, a huge selection of great food from the kitchens of Maharashtra! We feel you will both enjoy this knowledge base as also use it to good personal purpose.

There are easy snacks, authentic entrees, elaborate festive foods, beverages, desserts as well as tons of convenient everyday Maharashtrian fare, that is both fulsome and wholesome.

We would love to have you visit this section many times over….even daily….so we have organized the whole collection in several very interesting and intuitive ways that will make each trip interesting and fulfilling for you.

The section contains details on almost 400 authentic food items from Maharashtra. So that you could use this huge quantum of knowledge usefully, we have arranged it so that you could search for dishes that satisfy particular kinds of characteristics.

For example, you could trace all the items that can be made with a particular ingredient, for example, carrots, or those which can be made with leftovers or you could even get yourself a suggestion for all the Khandeshi or Kolhapuri or Konkani dishes you could make.

This structure makes this a very useful asset for a variety of convenient applications for you:

  • As an everyday consultant to advise on what dish to make today
  • In getting familiar with some really authentic preparations from the state
  • To help plan a menu for that special Maharashtrian meal
  • To help find options to make using any filter of time to cook /ingredients /category of cooking

And to add to your convenience, we have provided wherever appropriate, a suggestion for a Suhana FlavourMate. This premium spice product from Suhana will either:

  • Add a distinctive flavor to the dish you want to prepare
  • Help you replace a whole mix of separate spices with one pure flavorful convenient option
  • Allow you to make tasty variations to the preparations that you have frequently made

There are virtually a million ways you could use this feature. Do keep coming back and exploring. Mazaa aa Jayega!

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